Reviewing Marvel/DC Films’ Reception

Back in early 2016, rumors had surfaced that Warner Brothers were afraid most movie-goers would not appreciate their upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, not because of its quality, but because it was “too smart for the average superhero movie-goer” (HitFix, 2016). Well after the movie was released, as it was being critically panned by reviewers and audiences alike, its fans declared it as “misunderstood” and “brilliant”, even going as far as saying that it is a “masterpiece” (Monkeys Fighting Robots, 2016). They concluded that its nature strikes a significant difference between the DC cinematic universe and Marvel’s, calling it “darker”, “more ambitious” and “more mature” than the latter will ever be (New York Post, 2016), since Marvel films are usually light-hearted and adventurous, with snarky humor and filled with action sequences throughout.

While this discussion went on, trailers for DC’s upcoming film Suicide Squad was released, resembling a lot like the typical Marvel movie. The characters it featured cracked jokes and one-liners, it promised lots of action sequences, and the overall tone of the film was light-hearted and adventurous. It even featured a heavy soundtrack filled with licensed music, like in Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite fans accusing Marvel for spoiling the audience’s expectations for superhero films for their style (The Escapist, 2016), Suicide Squad was also critically panned by audiences.

After this, DC fans have ruled out critics and opposing audience members from their opinions, saying that they are wrong (The Washington Times, 2016). In addition, they think Marvel paid critics to make good reviews (Vox, 2016). They had even attempted a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, a website that averages critics’ and audiences’ ratings into an overall percentage, because the website was giving DC films “unjust bad reviews” (Variety, 2016). This led to furthermore fights between Marvel and DC fans, deconstructing each other’s arguments as to why their respectively defended films are not good, eventually catching the attention of the filmmakers who have made their fair share of superhero movies.

“Every time I mention DC, no matter what, my feed becomes an endless screaming match about (Batman v Superman),” Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn tweeted, saying that they are wasting each other’s energy (Deadline, 2017). He continues, “It’s a 2-year-old movie that some people like and some people don’t. Why is someone’s opinion so important to you?” Even after he had asked that question, people are still wondering why there is such a disagreement between film critics and fans. YouTuber Adam Johnston of YMS has an answer for this, saying, “Film critics showed up to this movie to see a film, not (to) validate their obsession with a (omitted) action-figure” (YourMovieSucksDotOrg, 2016).

This is true, especially when most of the arguments come from the adapted characters being unfaithful to their source material, which is mixed with constructive criticism against either side’s films, but would often get subjected to unfaithful adaptations. In the end, you should never try to reason with passionate fans. It’s likely they will not listen, even if you provide the most excellent, thought-provoking points about their awful movie in the world.


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2 thoughts on “Reviewing Marvel/DC Films’ Reception”

  1. Honestly, I think that instead of having to fight rotten tomatoes or having to argue with Marvel fans and try to explain why they are wrong, DC fans should voice their opinion to the creators of the films. I understand that it is frustrating when your favourite hero’s or villain is being depicted in a trashy way and how frustrating that can be (as a big Joker and Harley I was not impressed with Suicide Squad) but I think that these issues should be voiced directly to the creators. Instead of wasting your breath on justifying the poorly made film.

    This is actually something that Marvel has faced before after the realism of the second Thor movie. The fans hated it so much that the actor who played Thor (Chris Hemsworth) heard the fans anger and stepped in to help create the third Thor film. I think that not only shows dedication but in that case, the complaints of the fans are heard and in some way, they are then able to help the movie become better (which compared to the second film the latest Thor film was).


  2. I feel like DC are really confused with their approach to the overall theme of their movies whereas Marvel comparatively has a better plan going. The Dark Knight series worked out really well for DC and they tried to keep going with the whole Nolan feel for the rest of their movies but it didn’t quite work out because Nolan is Nolan. After that, they took a lot of influence from the Marvel style like you said and I just feel like things are an absolute mess for them right now. I hope they can pull their game together soon because there’s only so many disappointments audiences can handle.


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