Fan/Creator Relationships to Soothe

Anybody with a television set or a library could watch their beloved show every chance they could or read every spellbinding book they could find. They would want to meet their favorite actor, their favorite singer, their favorite director, or their favorite writer – sometimes all four, and some would rather not at all. This is still the case today, yet the very act of meeting someone you would love to meet is more tangible than ever, when meeting such people would be such a sweet rarity, and all too brief, with luck, back in the day. Today, whatever you would like to talk to them about could be sent to them with a simple click, and after a bit of waiting, if they are happy to, they could possibly reply back as quickly as you dreamt about it. Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and John Legend, among many others, would love to (CheatSheet, 2018).

If you would like to take steps further, you could chat with them through livestreams besides all of the responses in texts. Through some social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitch, some actors, musicians, artists do livestream all the time, just to talk with fans, and not exclusively for obligatory question-and-answer sessions to promote a project. These include electro-house musician Steve Aoki, singer-producer T-Pain, actor and comedian Thomas Middleditch (Dot Esports, 2017), DC artist Jim Lee (Twitch, n.d.), and plenty more.

Sometimes they do commit to all of these sorts of interactions to promote themselves and their work, of course, though the interactions do not stay on the topic of the upcoming projects in question. A lot of these stem from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook’s Ask Me Anything promotional sessions (Adweek, 2015), especially in Reddit (The Atlantic, 2014), in fixed time limits. Regulars who engage with fans frequently for this purpose include Gotham actress Camren Bicondova with her Facebook live chats (Shareablee, 2016), and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, whenever a new project arises from his independent production company, Oats Studios, most recently for a crowdfunding campaign (Variety, 2018).

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4 thoughts on “Fan/Creator Relationships to Soothe”

  1. It’s interesting to think about the way creators interact with fans. Particularly on a smaller scale, though you talked about large scale ones such as directors and actors. It seems the smaller the fanbase, the likelier they will actually interact with you, which makes sense considering they have less people to deal with. As a whole, it seems there are many good things about interacting with fans. One thing I think you could perhaps have talked about is how YOU would interact with potential fans? That would be interesting to read about.


  2. I find it so cool when creators actually try and talk to their fans on a regular basis. Having them interact always on social media must be very draining at points and I admire them for their commitment to the communities that they create and inevitably try to maintain. I honestly was not aware of how creators of big movies have actually done things similar to this as the biggest example I think are the creators on different social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on.


  3. It is so motivating when creators do livestreams and connect with their fans. Being able to interact with someone who inspires you on a daily basis is an absolute gift. Great blog with clear citations that support your points well.


  4. It’s the nicest feeling in the world when you actually interact with your favorite actors or singers through these mediums. In a way its like, when one of these actors do the simple task of liking your comment on their post you just feel obligated to watch all of their films because of this personal connection you feel with them.


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